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Your Shape, Your Size

Like our LED strip, LED light sheets are generally not an off-the-shelf product and can made to your individual specifications giving you the perfect lighting product for all of your projects.

Our Edge Lit Panels are manufactured using state of the art laser cutting machinery to enable us to precision cut components, offering a perfect finish everytime.

The Edge Lit Panel can be fitted with white or RGB LEDs.

Strong, Thin, Light

Ledridge Edge Light Panels are manufactured using clear semi-flexible, shatterproof acrylic sheets.

Supported by an aluminium frame for added support and protect the LEDs, the final installation is incredibly light weight and long lasting.

Energy Efficient

Some of our light sheets are run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making reliability a big concern. We’ve taken every step we can to ensure longevity, including switching to 24v to reduce current and trailing a range of heat sinks to ensure optimum heat management.

Modular And Linkable

Most of our light sheets are used in retail environments which require multiple light sources to be chained together. We can provide power supplies that are prewired with junction boxes to minimise cost, installation times and wiring. Alternatively we can incorporate linkable capabilities into the panels themselves to allow them to be run in series

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