Standard 3528 Modules

Ledridge Mini Mod LED modules are designed to be the versatile solution for your interior or exterior signage.

Mini Mod LED modules are perfect for use in small, intricate signage where larger LED modules simply will not fit.

Ledridge Mini Mod LED modules are robust, durable and feature SMD 3528 LEDs which provide a generous output, despite their modest size.


Standard 5050 Modules

Ledridge SM5050 modules are a highly adaptable range of LED modules for internal or external signage.

Available in four different configurations to suit all applications, SM5050 modules are a cost-effective and reliable way of illuminating your displays.


Premium 5050 Modules

Ledridge SM5050 modules are built to the same uncompromising standards as the SM3528 range but offer higher levels of illumination thanks to their larger SMD 5050 LED chips.

SM5050 modules are perfect in deeper signage where traditional LED modules are not bright enough to give the required illumination.

Alternatively SM5050 modules can be used to provide even higher illumination in standard-depth lettering


Mini Modules

Number of LEDsInput VoltageWattageDimensionsLumensColour TemperatureBeam AngleMaximum Modules in Sign ChainWorking TemperatureIP RatingLED ChipLED LifePart Code
2 DC 12V 0.3W 7 x 26 x 4mm 14lm 2700K / 3300K 140º 20 -40ºC to 50ºC IP65 3528 SMD 30000 hours SM3528-2LED
3 0.4.5W 11.6 x 38.2 x 4mm 21lm SM3528-3LED
4 0.6W 36 x 36 x6mm 28lm SM3528-4LED