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Surface Profiles

Surface mounted LED extrusion profiles ideal for under cabinets, units or worktops.

Recessed Profiles

Give your installation a professional clean finish with recessed LED extrusion profiles. Ideal for a flush finish in any type of installation.

Corner Profiles

Corner LED extrusion profiles are ideal for use when creating a halo effect around the perimetre of rooms or installations.

Glass Profiles

Glass LED extrusion profiles can illuminate along glass or plastic to give shelves a unique look.

Specialist Profiles

Our specialist LED extrusion profiles cover a range of installations for use in specialst applications for greater illumination effects.

Why use aluminum extrusion

Aluminum LED extrusion will give your installation a more professional and clean finish, but it also enables you to be more creative with your lighting projects. By using different extrusion you are able to control the beam angle of light as well as direction of light to illuminate targeted areas.

Longer lasting LED

Extrusion will protect your LED from the environment and overheating. By acting as a heat-sink any heat generated by your LED tape is dissipate, which will reduce the risk of your LEDs prematurely burning out.

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