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Lighting Up The Terrace Leicester

Lighting Up The Terrace Leicester

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When it comes to hospitality achieving the right environment for your customers and guests is key. You want to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that encourages your customer to stay. The Terrace bar in Leicester have recently had a renovation and we think they have got it spot on.

The Terrace in Leicester is one of Leicester's best known bars, and destinations. They offer an excellent drinks variety, premium Cocktails, live music, DJs and a great atmosphere. At Ledridge we were pleased to be able to provide the Terrace with a range of LED strip throughout the bar to create some impressive lighting effects.

We offered a range of LED ribbon in a variety of colour options. The cool white LEDs under the railing offers a contract of the warm white lighting within the seating areas. Highlighting downwards to really pick out the detail of the wooden panelling.

The main bar has amber LED tape installed, washing upwards over the brick finish of the bar area. A warm inviting area that stands out.

The upstairs bar is modern and sleek, our blue LED tape was installed to complement the steel and glass finish of the bar. Warm White over head LED tape was installed in the glass rack that runs along the bar creating a stunning visual effect that makes every glass sparkle.

Finally red and warm white LED tape was used in the stairs, offering both a practical safety feature as well as an intriguing design feature.
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