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New Touch DMX Controllers

New Touch DMX Controllers

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At Ledridge we have just announced the brand new Touch DMX Controllers. Our DMX controllers are beautifully built and designed to be simple yet powerful. With a smooth glass finish and modern design, our range of controllers have never been so stunning.

The Touch C is our entry range of Touch Controller, offering a simple touch interface to scroll through your lighting scenes. This single zone controllers offers quick intuitive operation of our colour changing lighting. With built in scenes, ready to go straight from the box.

The Touch P is extremely powerful, offering a huge range of programmes and is ideal for the most advanced and technical colour changing lighting projects. Easily control dimming, speed, colour changes and scene selections at the touch of a button.

Both the Touch DMX Controllers come with our Touch DMX Studio software available for free to download. The Touch DMX Studio software allows you to control, create and remaster all of you lighting scenes. You simply then update your Touch Controller once your scenes are complete for simple colour changing.

The Touch P DMX Controller can even be controlled wirelessly from iOS and Android mobile devices connected to the same WiFi network.

If you are serious about DMX lighting these are the only controllers you will ever need.

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