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Our New Look

Our New Look

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At Ledridge we are always adapting our products and services to be the best available in the lighting market. Over the last 12 months we have undergone a few changes and part of this change has lead us to develop our look. Today we are unveiling the new Ledridge Lighting logo.

The new logo was developed to bring the Ledridge brand inline with todays markets and to reflect our position as market leaders in the LED lighting industry. With our refresher look we aim for the Ledridge brand to become even more recognisable and allow us to gain greater exposure of the Ledridge brand within the market.

The new Ledridge logo, The new Ledridge Badge

Our new logo has been developed in two parts. The main "Ledridge" logo, which is made up of large lettering with the "Ledridge Chip" above the "i". Secondly we designed the "Ledridge Badge" where the text appears within the "Ledridge Chip". Both new logos will replace the old logo and used to represent the Ledridge brand across all of our products and services. The new logo will be rolled out on our digital platforms first, with our physical media changing over the coming months.

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