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The Ledridge LLPS LED Driver

The Ledridge LLPS LED Driver

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When it comes to powering LED it's common knowledge that you may need a transformer to run the lower voltage of your LEDs. All LED products require either a 12V or 24V power supplies, while some have built in transformers, such as lamps and commercial units, smaller products such as LED tape cannot have built in transformers due to the compact design and nature of usage. As a result you simply purchase an LED driver.

Unfortunately not all LED drivers are built equal. Many miss simple factors such as overheating or voltage modulation. At Ledridge we have years of working with LEDs, it's what we do best, and have introduced a range of LED drivers that are designed to last, perform and above all be safe.

The Ledridge range of LED drivers have been designed to meet the ever evolving needs of the LED lighting industry, for a wide range of applications from simple home installations to large scale retail design installation. Our LLPS range of drivers not only meet but exceed current requirements for LED drivers; including EN61347, EN55015 and EN61547.

With F and MM ratings our LED drivers are suitable for installation onto flammable surfaces such as wood, or wooden enclosures. Featuring fully enclosed and covered terminal connections for added safety.

Our LLPS LED Drivers are available in both 12v and 24v DC output with power ratings from 15 watts to 200 watts.

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